Security InsideOut

Billions of dollars are spent every year on technical cyber defense measures only to be undermined by the action of an insider. TacitPro hunts the insider threats across all user devices and automates user awareness training.

TacitPro Endpoint

Monitors systems for user behaviors that can lead to compromise. It serves as a reporting tool for incident response, automated and tailored user awareness training, and targeted insider threat risk mitigation.

TacitPro Go

Extends user awareness capability to mobile devices. The app alerts users of relevant threats and best practices while enabling rapid execution of incident response plan anytime, anyplace.

TacitPro View

Admin dashboard to gather metrics from the enterprise. View incidents, performance indicators, manage policies, push awareness campaigns and training. Easily develop executive, administrative and trend reports..

TacitPro X

Sever which provides threat intelligence based on feeds from the TacitPro and enterprise services environment. Integrates with SIEM tools and ingest relevant data.

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